Dining and Restaurants

Ground Level

A perfect solution to any occcasion! Think of Chowking for any occasion that comes to mind. From those impromptu birthday blowouts to those well planned baptism parties and wedding receptions.

City Plaza

Taste the new Jollibee Spaghetti! Tastiest, Meatiest, Spaghettiest ! Treat your taste buds with our new Crispy Chicken Steak!

Ground Level

Take home something extra sweet and extra special today!


Ground Level

Donuts made fresh daily!

Ground Level

An all-day affordable, all day delicious and the Philippines No.1 Pizza chain - Greenwich.

Food Courts

Top/3rd Level

Enjoy cool drinks and delectable food selections as you capture South Seas very own "home made" food recipes > spaghetti, palabok, lomi and sio pao can easily fill your appetite.

Bake Shop

Ground Level

Whether it be your daily hot
pan-de-sal, or a piece of freshly baked chocolate brownies or a slice of Ube cake, the South Seas Bake Shop has all sorts of baking items that will delight your taste bud.

Chowking at South Seas Mall, Cotabato City
Greenwich at South Seas Mall, Cotabato City

Jollibee at Cotabato City Plaza