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Bank of the Philippine Island

South Seas is pleased to provide you with 24 Hour ATM banking through Bank of the Philippine Island. Full Service BPI Banking is also available during normal business hours inside the Mall.

Tel: (064) 421-2802
Fax: (064) 421-2802

BPI - ATM Machine  outside South Seas Mall,  Cotabato City, Philippines





BPI unveil New Corporate Theme - Taking "YOU" farther

More than providing an inspiration for progress, BPI provides the visionary products and services for people to finally achieve their ambition of a better life. We have the know-how, the technology, and, more importantly, the people who can make a difference in the lives of our customers. All told, we can take the BPI customer farther.

Thus is the message of BPI's new institutional campaign, with a bold new tagline -- "BPI. We'll take you farther." This new campaign invites people to act now and partner with BPI. It is a message for existing customers, whose evolving needs are the reasons for the Bank's zeal in improving its products and services. With most of our customers still having a single product relationship with the Bank, we know that we still have a lot to offer to them.

It is equally a message directed to prospective clients, Filipinos here and abroad -- an invitation to realize their dreams and aspirations by starting a relationship with BPI.

Customers line up at BPI - ATM machine at South Seas Mall, Cotabato City, PhilippinesIn turn, BPI promises to take its partners "farther." What "farther" means is entirely up to the customer. As always, BPI seeks to understand and anticipate what consumers need which, in turn, is the driver of the Bank's innovative products and services.

"We'll take you farther" can even refer not only to our customers, but to Philippine society in general. In the early years, El Banco Español Filipino was a prime mover of nation-building, and it is no different today. By championing progressive money values, we provide the ingredients for strengthening the Philippine economy. And with programs such as Micro-Finance and the endeavors of BPI Foundation, we concretize socio-economic development down to the grassroots of society.

Finally, "We'll take you farther" talks to us, BPI employees. It is the recognition that we, collectively, are the Bank of the Philippine Islands; it is an assurance that BPI will, likewise, take us farther, in our careers, in our well-being, and in our goals in life. BPI, the bank with a tradition of leadership, will take you -- our customer, our employee, our countrymen -- FARTHER.