U.S. West Coast Tour 4

Map of San Francisco and the Bay Area Cities

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Jelly Belly Factory Tour - Fairfield, California The first part of our tour will take us to the City of Fairfield - We will tour the Jelly Belly Factory.

Napa Valley, California From the Jelly Belly Farctory, we continue Southwest to Highway 12 and drive to the City of Napa for a Wine Tasting Tour Wine Tasting

From Napa Valley, we proceed back to San Francisco and visit the San Francisco - Japanese Tea Garden Japanese Tea Garden insie the San Francisco Golden Gate Park.

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California What's larger than New York's Central Park, once consisted of sand dunes, is now covered with more than one million trees and is bison-friendly?

The Golden Gate Park -- the ultimate haven away from urban chaos -- was deeded to the people in 1870 out of the prescient notion that San Franciscans would one day feel overcrowded. This foresight proved invaluable, as 75,000 people now visit the park on an average weekend.